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How Do I Get to The Woodland Hills 341 Meeting Location?

If you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case you have to attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors.

Bankruptcy Court locations are broken up by district in California.  The Central District of California covers everything north of San Diego all the way up through San Luis Obispo.

Obviously, if you live in Los Angeles, and you file bankruptcy it wouldn’t be realistic to have you drive to San Luis Obispo.  So, the Central District is broken up into smaller divisions that handle cases for their respective areas.  You can find a map of the various Divisions here.

From just west of Burbank up to the LA County/Ventura border is the San Fernando Valley Division of the Central District Bankruptcy Court.  Everybody who files bankruptcy who lives in the geographic area covered by the San Fernado Valley Division has to attend a 341 Meeting at the Woodland Hills 341 meeting room.  

The Woodland Hills 341 Meeting room is located at 21051 Warner Center Lane Suite 115 in Woodland Hills, Ca 91367.  

If you’re coming from the South or East, you will come down the US 101 East and exit De Soto Ave.  Turn right on DeSoto Ave off of the freeway.  The Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente is on your left and it stretches all the way to Burbank Blvd.   Go down DeSoto to Burbank Blvd and turn Left.   Once you’re on Burbank Blvd take the first right turn at Warner Center Lane.

If you’re coming from the North or West, you will also get off the 101 at DeSoto Ave.  The only thing you will do different is turn Left on DeSoto Ave off of the freeway.  Everything else is the same.

The meeting room can be hard to find so here is a picture of the driveway you want to enter and park at:

Woodland Hills 341 21051 Warner Center Lane Suite 115 Woodland Hills Ca

The large black building on the left is the one where the 341 Meetings are held.  The entrance is around the corner on the left, however.  Go forward and pull in the parking lot up ahead on the left hand side.

This is the view from the entrance to the building:

Woodland Hills 341 Meeting Entrance

You will head inside and see signs that tell you where to go for the 341 Meeting Location.  It’s on the first floor and once you’re inside you shouldn’t have a hard time finding Suite 115.

The first room you enter is the waiting room.  You should just take a seat and wait here for one of our attorneys to meet you.  We will sit with you, go over what to expect at the 341 Meeting, and then take you inside the actual meeting room when it’s time for your scheduled meeting to begin.

If you want to read about what to expect at the 341 Meeting click here.

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