Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

 Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you with virtually any Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases begin with an initial consultation.  It’s best to do the consultation in person, but if you can’t make into our office, we can do the consultation by phone.  During the initial bankruptcy consultation, you will meet with an experienced attorney who will review your financial situation and help you decide whether bankruptcy is a good option for you and analyze whether you will qualify for a Chapter 7 case.  Read more here.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

There are many reasons why people file Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7.  In a Chapter 13 case, we will create a debt restructuring plan for you and submit it to the bankruptcy court (located in Woodland Hills).  Chapter 13 cases normally last 3-5 years depending on the plan and they can be setup to pay certain debts and not others (for example, to repay mortgage arrears but not credit cards).  In a Chapter 13 case, debtors can also potentially “strip away” their 2nd or 3rd mortgages on real estate. Read more here.

Real Estate, Consumer Protection and Other Services

Often, real estate distress and bankruptcy issues go hand in hand.  The same is true for many consumer protection issues such as Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) Violations and Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations (FCRA).  If your problem is just with your mortgage company, then maybe bankruptcy is not the only solution.  We will look at all avenues to choose the one that’s the best fit to solve your problem.

If you are having problems with a creditor that is not best served with bankruptcy we can address that too.  Sometimes, it may be a better option to pursue debt settlement or to fight a creditor lawsuit in state court.  Our attorneys are well versed in these issues as they are common to clients with debt problems.

If you have errors on your credit report, stubborn collection accounts that should be gone, or other credit reporting errors we can help you resolve those as well.  The FCRA provides you with remedies to get credit report nightmares resolved.  Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our attorneys.

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